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A few things to remember when doing a bit of testing.

10 - phones are bad

A lot of phones are slow, have lots of bloatware and use the browser as a way to search Google, rather than look at your beautiful website. Symbian, Android, BBOS and Windows phone can be put onto very slow hardware, so…

I found this blog post rather enlightening. I never gave much thought to adding ‘social media’ buttons to sites, but rather, I’ve just done it. I’m sure what ‘drove’ me was that every web site ‘does’ seem to have them. But why?

Armadillo - Installation & Online Setup.

The day has finally arrived and Armadillo, from NimbleHost, makes its debut!

RapidWeaver user’s now have an option for their own Content Management System (CMS). Not only that, but FreeStack Theme user’s have an efficient way to incorporate a blog into their FreeStack layouts.

I was honored that Jonathan ask me to be a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ beta testing. He didn’t know much about FreeStack so I hope I brought some ‘light’ on how much this will help.

A number of folks helped to get Armadillo ready for a ‘prime time’ launch. And we hauled out some ‘big' hammers in order to break it and keep Jonathan busy. This is an excellent start.
Jonathan has a ‘road map’ in place for future additions and I know he’s ready to hear what you’re looking for down the road.

From the time I got it setup, and familiarized myself with the ‘backend’, I felt right at home. It has an almost WordPress like feel to how the backend operates. And with the addition of having multiple authors for the Blog, this makes for a great ‘team’ option.

Jump over and check out the documentation. Ask questions. And get your copy today.

The team that brought you SupportCasts has made a bold new move in the delivery, and scope, of video tutorials with MacSupportCasts.

No more long-term membership subscriptions. They’ve moved to a ‘classroom’ environment that allows you to get what you need.
Want the whole series, buy it. Just part of series, buy it.

RapidWeaver users can check out the listing for the first big classroom covering the FreeStack Theme/Stacks.